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ServiceOne Limited is a leading independent IT services provider delivering businesses with Infrastructure management services and vendor services that include the maintenance, helpdesk and technical support, IT outsourcing, operations and functions across Asia region. ServiceOne is one of the largest nationwide service providers in China. The company was founded to position as an independent, non bias, multi-vendors service and support organization, to enable and promote the information technology usage through out the region.

ServiceOne Limited was founded in 1999, a subsidiary of China Expert Systems Limited ("CES"), is headquartered in Hong Kong, with over 2,000 technical & service personnel in 52 service centers across mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, we are able to cover more than 1,000 cities to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and confidence. Moreover, with offices in 52 major cities offering extensive coverage of the region, ServiceOne's ongoing mission to deliver the highest quality services ensures its lead in today's competitive IT market.

Our main services are:

Infrastructure Management Services

We have an experienced and qualified team of service personnel coupled with our service delivery methodology and automated system that allow our clients to efficiently control and execute their critical IT operations. These operations include the administration and management of your workstations, network, servers, database and applications. It incorporates all the services elements needed for managing your infrastructure into a single, integrated service offering.

Our Infrastructure Management Services consist the following offerings:

  • Hardware Maintenance Services
  • Help Desk Services
  • Technical Specialist Insource
  • Cabling Services
  • On-site Services

Vendors Services

We work with IT equipment and product vendors to provide installation, maintenance and support services to their customers. Our service engineers and support staff is properly trained and certified by these vendors and through our proprietary IT based Service Delivery System, we fully integrate our working processes with that of the IT vendors. With this Service Delivery System, we are able to use a range of tools and functions to streamline every aspect of after-sales service, both on behalf of the IT vendors and for end-users. This system consists of the following modules:

  • Call Centre Support System (CCSS)
  • Spare Parts Inventory Systems (SPIS)
  • Calls Dispatching System (CDS)
  • Calls Orders Monitoring Systems (SOMS)

In order to focus on our core business, while at the same time ensure our customers enjoy a high quality of service delivery, major corporations are increasingly moving towards outsourcing their IT services to special firms. In China, for instance, most of the multinationals have turned to ServiceOne to outsource their IT services. Our call center offers a complete communication solution for dynamic contact centers, providing skill-based routing, comprehensive management and reporting, and real-time displays for supervisors and managers. This enables our customers to enjoy a high level of integration with our services.

We are continuously strengthening our support capabilities in depth and breadth to partner IT vendors in their "back end" functions such as customer services, IT support and maintenance. Operating under the ServiceOne brand, we are continuously upgrading engineering skills set, strengthening our management organization and extended our geographical reach.

We believed our well-established IT Service Delivery Team distinguishes ServiceOne's partnership with IT vendors. With the proprietary IT-based Service System, enable us to fully integrate our work processes with those of the vendor, as well as to streamline every aspect of after-sales service.

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