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Companies who have deployed a network into their infrastructure need to benchmark the health and performance of their network. Through the Network Health Check service, a Professional Services consultant engages directly with the customer's engineering and operations staff to assess, benchmark and analyze the health and performance of customer's infrastructure. Any company can benefit from this service offering. Regardless of the network size, IP network performance problems can greatly impact a company's operations. It is difficult to plan for new services without the knowledge of how the network is performing and how much additional capacity exists in the network.

Common company concerns that are addressed in the Network Health Check service include:

  • How can I proactively identifying existing and potential network performance issues that may affect my service level agreements?
  • How can I benchmark my network performance and existing capacity so I can plan for adding new applications and revenue-generating services in the future?

The health check identifies potential bottlenecks in the network, benchmarks the current health and utilization of the infrastructure, and also provides some trending data that can be used for future capacity planning. The network assessment includes such tasks as:

  • Discussing and understanding your existing IP network design, architecture and configuration
  • Implementing the appropriate software tool to gather statistics and data from the network
  • Analyzing the server equipment health and operation
  • Analyzing network equipment interfaces for utilization and error trends
  • Identifying potential hot-spots or problem areas in the network
  • Recommending appropriate solutions to identified problem areas
  • Creating graphs and documents displaying the IP network health and utilization

By engaging ServiceOne Networks Professional Services to perform a Network Health Check, customers benefit by:

  • Maximizing efficiency of the deployed infrastructure
  • Being proactively informed of potential hot-spots, bottlenecks, or mis-configurations via alerts
  • Receiving a performance benchmark for analyzing the existing capacity of the network and for capacity planning of future IP applications and services
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