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Our proprietary IT-based Service System distinguishes ServiceOne's partnership with IT vendors. The system is a critical quality enabler which allows us to fully integrate our work processes with those of the vendor. With the Service Delivery System, we are able to use a range of tools and functions to streamline every aspect of after-sales service.

The Service Delivery System is a comprehensive package made up of the following modules:

  • Call Centre Support System [CSS]
  • Spare Parts Inventory System [SPIS]
  • Calls Dispatching System [SPIS]
  • Service Orders Monitoring System [SOMS]

CCSS provides support to the technical engineers, validating customer calls with the information provided by our clients, tracking the services provided and keeping our clients well informed of the progress. The support system also function as the diagnostic tools for engineers to resolve customers' problem over the phone with an integrated technical knowledge database and effective troubleshooting program.

SPIS is a system that tracks out inventory of spare parts, and automatically notifies the related engineers of current parts availability in the field and in distribution centre. Getting parts into the hands of our customer service engineers is a key concern which SPIS address.

CDS is the backbone of our call-dispatching process, supporting the efficient and timely management of service calls. CDS displays customer-specific service level requirements, tracks the symptoms of malfunction equipment and displays the advice or instruction to help our customer service engineers quickly resolve the technical problems.

SOMS is the system that tracks every single service order essential to the delivery of complete and high quality service. SOMS ensures the service orders are will recorded with specific information of personnel involved and the actions taken to provide the job status monitoring tool.

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